San Jose Sharks Acquire William Karlsson In Attempt to Horde All the Karlssons in the NHL

9.13.18 Sharks Horde Karlssons

BREAKING: the San Jose Sharks have acquired forward William Karlsson from the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a tube of sunscreen, IHOP coupons to battle hangovers, and the Oakland Raiders football franchise.

Doug Wilson, the general manager of the San Jose Sharks, recently traded for Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators in one of the major blockbuster trades in the summer of 2018. The San Jose Sharks also currently have Melker Karlsson on their roster, who was acquired in 2014 from the SHL.

“I desperately needed him (William Karlsson) to complete the Karlsson-trifecta,” explained Wilson. “I never intended for this to happen, but it’s such a rush knowing that you are the only organization in the NHL that has ALL the Karlssons. Imagine being the only little kid on the school yard to have a fruit roll up and everyone looks at you in awe because they want it. Then some punk kid shows up to class with one the next day, and you have to take it from him to reassert your dominance.”

Us, and I am sure the NHL announcers feel the same, cannot simply wait to say “goal by Karlsson, assisted by Karlsson and Karlsson.” That’s a ton of Karlsson on Karlsson action.


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