NCAA Adds ‘Chugging Beer’ to List of All-Star Game Skills Challenges

College All Star Drinking

College football; the second favorite American pastime, only behind the regular NFL. Families gather around to watch the games either in the stadiums or from their homes, racking up to hundreds of thousands of viewers each game. Obviously, the college athletes are incredible players, with a handful that transition to the NFL after graduation. On the other hand, there are individuals that this is the end point of their football playing careers. It’s unfortunate that a majority of these players have different skill sets that set individuals apart from others that make them NFL caliber, but they all do have one skill they share in common: drinking beer.

“College is known for times of partying and we want to divest that culture into our Allstar Games,” mentioned NCAA Commissioner, Mark Emmert. “I think a lot of players get discouraged with their abilities when they know they’re not NFL bound, so we want to make sure we can highlight a skill ALL our players have!”

If anyone has noticed, the NCAA has acquired sponsorships with major beer companies such as Guinness, Stone Brewing Co., Samuel Adams, and more. Presumably, this is also a ploy to maximize revenue, on top of their policies of not paying their players. The NCAA generates roughly $1B in revenues a year, and looks to push those numbers even higher with their new plans.

Now all the NCAA has to do is produce their own red-solo-cups and they could give companies like Facebook and Google a run for their money in revenues.



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