Raiders Owner Decides to Build Stadium with Wheels Because He Can’t Make Up His Mind About Home Location

Raiders Stadium Wheels

“It’s all about convenience, baby.” smirks Raiders’ owner Mark Davis.

Let’s start with a little history. In 1960, the Oakland Raiders joined the NFL as a part of the AFC and played their first game in September 1960. Since then, the Raiders have moved to Los Angeles, then returned to Oakland, and is now set to move to Las Vegas. That’s a lot of moving within the 50+ years of the franchise, and owner Davis has no intention of slowing down.

“You see, the Raiders are a free spirit, man. We’re not clingy like other franchises, we love to live off the land,” stated Davis. “During my times after college, I always dreamt of renting a beat-up, rusted RV and traveling the world. After a flashback it hit me; I can live this.. I mean the Raiders can live this dream! We have been constantly moving, we’re pretty much the vagabond of the NFL.”

Davis began to eagerly grin as he declared, “I want to have the next Raider’s stadium on wheels! Think about it: in four years, once we grow a strong fan-base in Vegas, we can ditch them, move to another location, and reduce a large number of costs because we can use the same stadium. It’s fool proof.”

It seems that Davis’ intentions are to grow the fan-base of the Raiders by eventually moving the franchise to every state. Though it may be a lengthy procedure, Davis is well aware of the band-wagoner mentality and how it can landslide into something tremendous.

“We can be like a traveling circus! Pretty soon you’ll be calling us Cirque du Raideroleil!” laughed Davis.


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